Rubber Ducks’ Escape from the Bathtubs of Güstrow

If you visit the relatively small town of Güstrow near the A19 motorway during autumn, you might just get there in time for their annual Rubber Duck Race. Hundreds of tiny yellow rubber ducks are taken from their natural habitat of the homely bathtub, dumped into a river running through Güstrow’s park by the castle, […]

Top 5 Signs That Show You’re In Germany And Not Nowhere Else

No, this isn’t Buzzfeed – apologies for the misleading clickbait headline. This is, however, a 102% accurate and to-be-taken-absolutely-seriously list of things most significant about Germany. Read this blog, get accustomed to the blog, BE the blog, and you’ll have a wonderful stay without any awkward misunderstandings or anyone on your heels. Prepare thyself, for […]

Cookies, Candles and Chipmunks

My personal German Christmas Experience   As my personal attitude towards Christmas has changed over the years, I enjoy this most tranquil time of the year best with lots of delicious food and beverages within the family circle.   Since I´m not the biggest fan of Christmas, I often struggle to get in the right […]

Typical Christmas!

  Germans all over the country celebrate their Christmas days in a very similar way. That is at least what I noticed (tiny differences allowed). “Heiligabend”, as the 24th of December is called, is considered as the first day of the festive. During the day people generally do things like decorating the Christmas tree, preparing […]