Being Vegan in Rostock

Eating meat, eggs and dairy is pretty much still seen as eating a “normal“ diet in Germany. Most shops also sell these products, so you actually don’t really need to worry were to shop, at least in terms of availability. Being vegan or being on a plant-based diet, however, can be a bit more difficult. […]

Where To Go For … a Döner

  So, imagine you’ve been shopping all day and are exhausted. Your stomach’s telling you for half an hour already that it’s hungry, but you are too spent to go home and cook. For the most authentic German experience we advise you to go and get a Döner. The Döner was actually invented in Germany […]

Fröhlich Frozen Yogurt – Refreshing Sin

You’re probably an addict. You’re on sugar. Don’t worry – me too! Sugar fuels every cell in your brain, sugar is a reward to your brain, sugar is addictive. It is tough to break your habits, especially when it comes to the consumption of this sweet motherf*cker. You know that feeling when you get a […]

A Vegan Guide for Rostock – Part 1: The Perks of Spring

As the temperatures are finally rising after a truly extended winter, leaving the house doesn’t make you feel like you’re on an excursion to the North Pole any longer… or like you’re about to lose a limb because of a third-degree frostbite… or like the adrenaline is kicking in because you managed to ride your […]

For those of you who are not into souvenirs of the typical kind, but still want to take something home from your trip to the Baltic Sea, here’s a tip: The Ostseemühle offers a huge variety of different regional products, with focus on oil, mustard and flour. You can find their small yet amazingly stocked shop […]

6 high-end ingredients for a closed-shops-Sunday

In Germany, unlike many other countries, shops are normally closed on Sundays and sometimes especially elderly people even get upset with McDonalds or bakeries being open –  or even worse: ‚Verkaufsoffene Sonntage‘ –  Sundays where stores are allowed to be open.  These are, however, rare, so for me this trading situation very regularly creates the […]

On Breads and Cakes – Part 2

Ah, here we are: the bread section. If you’ve read my other works on German delicacies (which you can find here and here), this one won’t come as a surprise. Are you bready ready? First of all, however, it is vital to acknowledge the fact that a) the reinforcement of stereotypes is harmful for the […]

On Cakes and Breads – Part 1

For the savoury introduction to this part, click here. There are many different cakes you can obtain in your bakery of trust, but keep in mind that, depending on where you are, they have very distinct and “different” names, so to speak. For one, there is the infamous Berliner, a round, spongy pancake with various […]

Café Käthe – more than a café

A Café usually means a coffeehouse where you meet up with friends, talk for hours, maybe grab a bite to eat, and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Café Käthe is a little bit more exotic. Of course, you can do all of the above there. Don’t mistake Café Käthe for your average coffeehouse, though — it’s […]