The one and only Fusion

In the last ten years, you could observe an upcoming trend throughout Germany that was formerly reserved to specific music elites like metal or goa (psychedelic music) fans. The festival is nowadays an activity which nearly every adventurous person between 16 and approximately 50 (exceptions confirm the rule) plans on doing during the summertime at […]

Rubber Ducks’ Escape from the Bathtubs of Güstrow

If you visit the relatively small town of Güstrow near the A19 motorway during autumn, you might just get there in time for their annual Rubber Duck Race. Hundreds of tiny yellow rubber ducks are taken from their natural habitat of the homely bathtub, dumped into a river running through Güstrow’s park by the castle, […]

Hanse Sail 2011 – The Event Of The Year

Once a year both people (around a million) and over 250 sailing ships from all over the world gather for the most important spectacular event called “Hanse Sail” in Rostock. During all festival days, you can take a look at various ships, whether old traditional sailing ships or modern yachts. The Hanse Sail can be […]


21. May 2011 | 11 AM – 1 AM | KTV-Festival The upcoming weekend offers a real highlight for everyone who is still wondering what to do! On Saturday, 21st May, the KTV-Festival will take place. Themed “Blaumachen – KTV macht blau” (KTV celebrates), this event will attract people from all over Rostock.   What […]