Been there, done that – 2

Chapter 2 – My Rave Renaissance   Right off the bat, the headline is a bit misleading. I do not in fact, nor did I ever, consider myself a raver. The alliteration just sounded too good to not use in a headline. Nevertheless, there still is some truth in the phrase, as my party going […]

The smoothly Bowl

  Oh man! It’s raining again! The weather service doesn’t seem to be that honest with their forecasts. Nevermind. The fact is: the whole plan i set up for this evening with my friends will be drowned. Sigh. I don’t like to sit in a flat again and do nothing only because the weather sucks. […]

Workout on the Railroad

Last summer, some friends from Austria came to visit me and wanted to explore Mecklenburg’s beautiful countryside. As they had brought their children, a lengthy hiking or bike trip was quickly tossed to the salty sea air. Plus, I really don’t have any sense of direction at all; I would probably have gotten us all lost […]

High Diving- Springertage In Rostock

High diving— performing acrobatics while falling into water from a springboard- how exciting is that?! Springertage In Rostock Diving might not be a sport for everyone to take part in, but is definitely a pleasure to watch. From may 27 until may 29, the 56. Internationale Springertag (56th international diving day) will take place in […]

Kubb, Beer and Barbecue

Have you found yourself asking the following question: ‘why are these people throwing wooden bars around in the harbor?’ Well, if you didn’t know the answer, here it comes: They are playing Kubb and enjoying the sundown at the harbor. Kubb is a game that originated from the Scandinavians. Two teams oppose each other, and […]

VMV Beachvolleyballtour

Summer, sand, Beachvolleyball. If this combination appeals to you, the VMV-Beachvolleyballtour will fascinate you as well! For some years now, a series of Beachvolleyball-tournaments has been established on the beautiful beaches of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and players from all over Germany participate in the events. The skill-level is as wide as it could be: from recreational players […]

Rugby in Rostock

If you prefer oval balls to round balls, you might want to check out the Sport­park Gehls­dorf. From time to time, the lo­cal rugby team, the Dierkower Elche, plays there. Maybe quick comparison to American football — In rugby, two teams try to place the oval-shaped ball be­hind the opposition team’s try­line. The ball can […]

Scuba diving

Do you want to see what’s underneath the water’s surface? Go Scuba diving! Rostock offers some opportunities to dive. One of them is the diving shop Dive Connection Rostock. It’s close to the city center (Augsut-Bebel-Str. 42), and they do not just provide lots of diving equipments and classes for beginners and advanced divers, they […]