Do some late night shopping

It’s a hot summer evening. A friend and I sit outside at Margaretenplatz to have a cold beer. A gentle summer breeze is in the air. We talk for hours, and when our beers are empty, the clock strikes ten. Damn, every supermarket is closed – except for REWE near Doberaner Platz. We could go […]

Café Käthe – more than a café

A Café usually means a coffeehouse where you meet up with friends, talk for hours, maybe grab a bite to eat, and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Café Käthe is a little bit more exotic. Of course, you can do all of the above there. Don’t mistake Café Käthe for your average coffeehouse, though — it’s […]

Have a cup of local history!

Hey folks, Caro here 🙂 What a week! The football world championship is in full swing and people here seem to go crazy. On Monday, I was rushing through the nearest supermarket to catch something to eat and drink before Germany’s first big game. Well, I was running late but I was clearly not the […]

The WickiWackiWoo

It is me again! Today I am going to recommend something that I originally did not plan to post here. But the word on the street is that the once famous WickiWackiWoo is closing this year. This made me write this review for you to enjoy this phenomenon of cocktail-bar. What made the bar special in […]