Where To Go For … a Döner

  So, imagine you’ve been shopping all day and are exhausted. Your stomach’s telling you for half an hour already that it’s hungry, but you are too spent to go home and cook. For the most authentic German experience we advise you to go and get a Döner. The Döner was actually invented in Germany […]

Innercity Kebab Review 2/2

  Curry Haus Rostock   Price: €3,20              5/10 Appearance: not very good and not appetizing 3/10 Taste: 5/10 Ambience: 8/10 Employers: 8/10 Range: 10/10   39/60       The Curry Haus in Rostock is really something special, because you have the opportunity get you Kebab delivered directly to your home. So it was time […]

Innercity Kebab Review 1/2

Istanbul Bistro   Price: 8/10 Appearance: 8/10 Taste: 7/10 Ambience: 5/10 Employers: 6/10 Range: 4/10     Overall 38/60   To be honest, I was first and only attracted by the special offer (a Kebab for €1,99) of the “Istanbul Bistro” that is quiet unimposingly located on the Doberaner Straße (opposite to the the Radiologie […]