Around the Warnow River (Part 2)

In “Around the Warnow River (Part1)” you came along the port, strawberry fields and equestrian farms and stopped in “Stuthof”. The next stage leads you through an adjacent coastal forest with the appearance of a fairytale. The 3 miles mainly go straight on forest soil and a strip of grass (Caution: Midges!). On the way […]

Around the Warnow River (Part 1)

„Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” (Albert Einstein) This quote by Albert Einstein hits the nail right on the head. Cycling is a good physical activity to alleviate stress and useful to forget all every day’s worries. A day trip with a bike around the Warnow River […]

A Beach for Adventurers

    Beaches can quickly get pretty crowded in the summer heat, and laying around like a bunch of “Sardinen in der Büchse” (as we Germans tend to say in those situations), is not fun at all. So if you have had enough of fighting over a piece of sand as if it were the […]

Riding your bike in Rostock

Rostock is one of those cities where you’re faster riding a bike than anything else. If you stay in it’s inner boundaries (Innenstadt, östliche Altstadt, nördliche Altstadt, KTV, STV, Südstadt), you’ll generally reach everything within ten to fifteen minutes. Most bigger roads have bike lanes attached to them, and  bycicle stands can very often be found […]

Cycling to the cliff coast

Once you arrive in the center of Rostock on a nice summer day, you should definitely visit a nice place at the coast. Well of course you could just take the S-Bahn to Warnemünde. But that is where everybody goes, and in the summer it can be very crowded. Why don’t you take the bike to […]