The bestest cake in town

I like a little competition: One day, a friend and I decided to look for the café or bakery that serves the best cake in town. My friend is the Cookie Monster in person. Apple pie or Cupcake, Croissant or Éclair, Baklava or Börek – he is devoted to pastries. To be honest, I prefer […]

On Breads and Cakes – Part 2

Ah, here we are: the bread section. If you’ve read my other works on German delicacies (which you can find here and here), this one won’t come as a surprise. Are you bready ready? First of all, however, it is vital to acknowledge the fact that a) the reinforcement of stereotypes is harmful for the […]

On Cakes and Breads – Part 1

For the savoury introduction to this part, click here. There are many different cakes you can obtain in your bakery of trust, but keep in mind that, depending on where you are, they have very distinct and “different” names, so to speak. For one, there is the infamous Berliner, a round, spongy pancake with various […]

The art of baking at the Kaffeehaus

In need of a rest after a long day of sightseeing and shopping in Rostock? Then get comfortable at the Kaffeehaus and refresh yourself with cake and coffee. Located in the city’s centre, it’s one of the most convenient places you can choose. What to expect: I always take friends and relatives who visit me there as […]