Fröhlich Frozen Yogurt – Refreshing Sin

You’re probably an addict. You’re on sugar. Don’t worry – me too! Sugar fuels every cell in your brain, sugar is a reward to your brain, sugar is addictive. It is tough to break your habits, especially when it comes to the consumption of this sweet motherf*cker. You know that feeling when you get a […]

Cado’s – or French Crepe-Art

The past few weeks have been exceptionally warm and sunny in Rostock. Witnessing a heatwave always tempers my appetite for a solid meal, so I decided to have a lunch at Cado’s, my favourite crêperie in the Old Town district.  I only know about Cado’s because a good friend asked me to join her for […]

Been there, done that – 3

Hello darkness my old friend   Coffee is the gasoline to my personal engines. It gets me going in the morning, recharges my batteries throughout the day, and sometimes even helps me to go to bed in the night. Needless to say, that I consume copious amounts of the dark brew. If I’m desperate, I’ll […]

The bestest cake in town

I like a little competition: One day, a friend and I decided to look for the café or bakery that serves the best cake in town. My friend is the Cookie Monster in person. Apple pie or Cupcake, Croissant or Éclair, Baklava or Börek – he is devoted to pastries. To be honest, I prefer […]

Café Käthe – more than a café

A Café usually means a coffeehouse where you meet up with friends, talk for hours, maybe grab a bite to eat, and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Café Käthe is a little bit more exotic. Of course, you can do all of the above there. Don’t mistake Café Käthe for your average coffeehouse, though — it’s […]

A berry funny day

It was a beautiful Saturday in May; the sun was shining high in the sky; the birds were singing in the trees; children were playing outside, laughing happily… And what was I doing? Sitting inside, inside at my desk, inside brooding over some tasks for university. My gaze kept wandering to the window and the […]

Shopping + Coffee = Liebreiz

I’ve always walked by Liebreiz (which can be translated as “charm”) thinking that I definitely needed to go there sometime. But – as  things always are  – I had never been…until last week! What to expect: I find this place quite appealing, since it’s a mix of café and store. One half of it can be used to […]

A great café in MV: the Europa in Rostock

Have you ever wondered about the building in the Friedhofsweg 44 near Doberaner Platz on which you can read “Knabenschule” on the front wall? In fact it is a building protected as a historic monument. The building, constructed in 1887, had been used as a school for boys. After the school was closed, the building contained […]

The art of baking at the Kaffeehaus

In need of a rest after a long day of sightseeing and shopping in Rostock? Then get comfortable at the Kaffeehaus and refresh yourself with cake and coffee. Located in the city’s centre, it’s one of the most convenient places you can choose. What to expect: I always take friends and relatives who visit me there as […]

The ‘Café Central’

Hello everybody, this week, I visited Café Central , enjoyed a nice coffee there, and asked the Café’s  lovely Sarah Bauerfeld a few questions. After that, I interviewed a twenty-something year-oldcouple about their impressions! The Staff Interview 1. Introduce yourself and your business to our readers! Hey, I’m Sarah, 22, this is a Café that […]