The Ultimate Experience

Looking for a fun sport with cool people? Well, look no further: Ultimate Frisbee might be just the thing for you. Ultimate Frisbee, or just Ultimate as the cool kids like to call it (actually it’s a copyright thing, but never mind), is a team sport played with – you might have guessed it – […]

It’s not spooky in the ghost forest!

With the weather getting better, lots of people go to the beaches in Warnemünde to make the most out of the warm days at the sea. But if you’re not a big fan of overcrowded places (like me) and really just want to do some relaxing sun bathing without laying towel to towel, Nienhagen is a […]

A Beach for Adventurers

    Beaches can quickly get pretty crowded in the summer heat, and laying around like a bunch of “Sardinen in der Büchse” (as we Germans tend to say in those situations), is not fun at all. So if you have had enough of fighting over a piece of sand as if it were the […]

15mph – Rushing Roland

  The route “Roland”, is 24.1 km long. If you decide to go by train from Putbus to Göhren, you have to bring some time with you: one way will take you round about 1 hour. Many people, especially during the summer, enjoy the fresh air (you are also allowed to stand in the outside area […]

The Wind Water Juxtaposition

One of the many things Rostock is known for is its proximity to the Baltic Sea. And those of you who have been to Rostock or those who live here know that with this fact comes a strong and at times bothersome amount of wind that is known to mess up your hair or kill […]

The Chair Insufficiency

The Schusters Beach Bar, situated at the shore of Warnemuende, is not an insider’s tip anymore and hasn’t been for some time. Quite the contrary; Schusters is one of the hotspots in Warnemuende, especially during the summertime. The bar is hard to miss as it looks like a huge cube with its practically non-existing walls, […]