Inexpensive Girls Night Out

It is best known that most students are on a veeeeeery low budget. Nevertheless, students really like to party – from time to time at least 😉 . If you and your friends are looking for a great and cheap night out in Rostock, don’t worry! There’s something I’d like to mention: You might know […]

Pleitegeier: Whisky Spot No.1 in Rostock?

Distinct but not exclusive, rowdy but amiable, unkempt but cosy – all these seemingly paradoxical features are marvelously reconciled in my local, the Pleitegeier. If “my home is my castle”, then my local (pub) is certainly my anchor: my anchor to that public environment separate of nearly all of the pretence required in standard public […]

Public viewing fever in Rostock!

Flashback to the World Championship in 2010 – It must have looked very bizarre: three girls running through Milan desperately searching for a place to watch the game Germany against Argentina. Fortunately, we found an English pub in a hidden alley. It was already crowded with many fans from Germany, Argentina, and other football loving […]

Pleitegeier – THE alternative bar in Rostock

The Pleitegeier is a place with a slightly grungy atmosphere. That’s what makes it special and a ‘no-go’ for the in-crowd. 😉 But you should definitely go there if you’re a laid-back person, to fit-in you should probably have an open minded and perhaps a little crazy personality! Last time I went there, unfortunately it […]


“barfuss” is not only a German pun (barfuss is the German word for barefoot); it’s also the greatest and most special bar in Rostock where you can go without shoes. If you’d like to spend your evening in a great atmosphere, meet friends, and have some drinks and music without going to a club, you […]