Summer feeling at the beach

It has finally happened. Summer has reached northern Germany and now pampers its people with long days of sunshine, warm brises and thriving nature. I really have to say that I just love those days of summer. With that brightly shining sun and the pleasantly warm air around me I feel happier, healthier and prettier […]

Day trip to Stralsund

This April I took a spontaneous one-day-trip to Stralsund. One morning friends of mine were calling me up saying they parked in front of my apartment with a full picnic basket and wanted to drive to Stralsund. Right. My exact thought as well. What is Stralsund?! I didn’t know what to quickly grab. Do I […]

Planning a day trip

The weather is starting to get better — even the sun is back in Rostock (sometimes). Perfect time to start doing more outdoor stuff again. As it can be still very windy up at the baltic sea in Warnemünde and therefore challenging to even make the walk up to the lighthouse at times (this walk […]

The smoothly Bowl

  Oh man! It’s raining again! The weather service doesn’t seem to be that honest with their forecasts. Nevermind. The fact is: the whole plan i set up for this evening with my friends will be drowned. Sigh. I don’t like to sit in a flat again and do nothing only because the weather sucks. […]

Busking in Rostock

Just imagine you are on a backpacker tour through the Baltic Region and you get stranded in Rostock. For some reason your status quo looks like this: No food, no money, nothing planned for the day; You feel your trip coming to an end… But wait! Don’t call any friends to send you money for […]

A great place for a comfy picnic: the beach chairs in Warnemünde

Have you tried the ‘Schwanenteich’ (Swanpond) for a picnic? If not, you should — or try another alternative instead. Here is a new suggestion for you: What about a comfy picnic on the sandy beach in Warnemünde? Of course there are many, many different options concerning where you can have a picnic at that famous beach. You could choose one of the white benches at […]

A Hurricane is brewing…

Warnemünde is a central part of a holiday experience in Rostock, and to make sure that you have a place to go to power up after a hard day’s work of splashing about and relaxing in the sun we have tested the Steakhouse Hurricane for you. We visited the steakhouse a couple of weeks ago […]

“Color your Life” – Paintball in Rostock

Paintball is becoming more and more popular. Like most fun sports, Paintball was invented in the USA. Over the last few years the Paintball-Community in Germany has grown bigger and bigger, to the point where there are now a lot of good Teams and modern Paintball-Parks all over Germany. Near Rostock is one of Mecklenburg Western Pomerania’s […]