The ‘Café Central’

Hello everybody, this week, I visited Café Central , enjoyed a nice coffee there, and asked the Café’s  lovely Sarah Bauerfeld a few questions. After that, I interviewed a twenty-something year-oldcouple about their impressions! The Staff Interview 1. Introduce yourself and your business to our readers! Hey, I’m Sarah, 22, this is a Café that […]


We are a group of German students studying English at the University of Rostock and part of the team that wants to help you discover the best spots in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. In order to make your stay here as worthwhile and memorable as possible we intend to provide you with a multitude of impressions and information […]

Lighthouse Warnemünde

Many of you may have already unknowingly seen the Warnemünde lighthouse on the film poster of „Shutter Island“.  Nevertheless, you have to see Warnemünde’s most famous sight, the lighthouse, in person. With its height of 36.9 meters it provides you a fantastic panorama view over the sea, the beach and the harbour of Rostock.   […]

Rugby in Rostock

If you prefer oval balls to round balls, you might want to check out the Sport­park Gehls­dorf. From time to time, the lo­cal rugby team, the Dierkower Elche, plays there. Maybe quick comparison to American football — In rugby, two teams try to place the oval-shaped ball be­hind the opposition team’s try­line. The ball can […]

Scuba diving

Do you want to see what’s underneath the water’s surface? Go Scuba diving! Rostock offers some opportunities to dive. One of them is the diving shop Dive Connection Rostock. It’s close to the city center (Augsut-Bebel-Str. 42), and they do not just provide lots of diving equipments and classes for beginners and advanced divers, they […]

Hello World!

Welcome to our guest blog in collaboration with the Mecklenburg Vorpommern tourist board. We (more here) have set up this blog so that you can find honest insider tips and information about Rostock and Mecklenburg Vorpommern in English. Our site is currently under construction but will be updated and expanded on a weekly basis so […]