Hello to you! Together with Ulrike Träger I’ve visited the Indian restaurant „Jyoti“ near Doberaner Platz. We have found out a lot of information, so maybe this restaurant would be a nice place to go for you. It serves Indian food in every variety and a nice ambience for a diverting stay.   Staff interview: […]

High Diving- Springertage In Rostock

High diving— performing acrobatics while falling into water from a springboard- how exciting is that?! Springertage In Rostock Diving might not be a sport for everyone to take part in, but is definitely a pleasure to watch. From may 27 until may 29, the 56. Internationale Springertag (56th international diving day) will take place in […]

Kubb, Beer and Barbecue

Have you found yourself asking the following question: ‘why are these people throwing wooden bars around in the harbor?’ Well, if you didn’t know the answer, here it comes: They are playing Kubb and enjoying the sundown at the harbor. Kubb is a game that originated from the Scandinavians. Two teams oppose each other, and […]

VMV Beachvolleyballtour

Summer, sand, Beachvolleyball. If this combination appeals to you, the VMV-Beachvolleyballtour will fascinate you as well! For some years now, a series of Beachvolleyball-tournaments has been established on the beautiful beaches of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and players from all over Germany participate in the events. The skill-level is as wide as it could be: from recreational players […]

Have a Party With Teacher Trainees!

19. May 2011 | 10 PM | Lehramtsfete in the LT-Club Hey backpackers! Do you want to know how Germany’s future teachers have a party?On Thursday, 19th May, you have the ultimate chance to find that out! The SLK (Studentische Lehramts-Konferenz), which is an organisation that takes care for the interests of teacher trainees in […]

Warnemünde – The outpost of Rostock

Some kilometres north of Rostock, situated at the esturary of the Warnow directly at the coast, you will find Warnemünde. The sea resort is famous for not only its very affectionate and hungry sea gulls, but also for its broad long beach and its lighthouse close to the “Teepott”, both remains from the former GDR. […]

Ready to Party?

This weekend all clubs such as LT-Club, ST-Club, Bunker, Bacio Lounge, Studentenkeller, Nightpark and many more are just waiting for you and your friends to have fun, to flirt, to meet new people, and to get lost into the music. Try them out, you won’t regret it! 😉 If you are not that into dancing, […]

The ‘Bacio Lounge’

  Hey guys, this week I visited the ‘Bacio Lounge’, located at the port of Rostock. It is a very modern and popular club in Rostock, the city centre is only 5 minutes away and from the roof – deck you have an amazing view over the Warnow river. 2 levels – 2 dance floors […]

The ‘Café Central’

Hello everybody, this week, I visited Café Central , enjoyed a nice coffee there, and asked the Café’s  lovely Sarah Bauerfeld a few questions. After that, I interviewed a twenty-something year-oldcouple about their impressions! The Staff Interview 1. Introduce yourself and your business to our readers! Hey, I’m Sarah, 22, this is a Café that […]


We are a group of German students studying English at the University of Rostock and part of the team that wants to help you discover the best spots in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. In order to make your stay here as worthwhile and memorable as possible we intend to provide you with a multitude of impressions and information […]

Lighthouse Warnemünde

Many of you may have already unknowingly seen the Warnemünde lighthouse on the film poster of „Shutter Island“.  Nevertheless, you have to see Warnemünde’s most famous sight, the lighthouse, in person. With its height of 36.9 meters it provides you a fantastic panorama view over the sea, the beach and the harbour of Rostock.   […]