The exhausting life of a student

When you travel to a new city and you are maybe a student yourself, it is always interesting to know how the daily life of students in the city you visit is. Of course, you can even use this knowledge to copy their behavior and feel like a local yourself and maybe get the chance […]

Father’s day — a boozy holiday

When you ask Germans why most of them have a day off on May 10th a lot of them will tell you that it is because of father’s day. But why should we get a free day just because of father’s day? Wasn’t there something else? Maybe something with an ascension? Oh yeah, the Ascension […]

Beaches I Don’t Hate

places I don’t hate pt. 1 Let’s be honest, people are annoying. There is no need to feel bad about that fact. There are simply instances when you can’t endure another living soul in your personal space. Some people take longer to reach that point, which is admirable, other’s reach it much faster, like me. […]

Coastle walk from Kühlungsborn to Warnemünde

Spring is here! Trees are getting green again, flowers are forcing their way through the ground, and you can smell the fresh sea breeze. It’s time to put on your walking boots and get out there. Todays trip starts in the chic seaside city of Kühlungsborn. You can get there easily by bus or train. […]

Culinary Highlight

Hi guys, this is my first blog, and there is one thing I must get rid of. I have a strong penchant for good food, especially Italian food and I don´t want to deny you the best restaurant in Rostock, which is actually in the north part of the city, in Warnemünde. Paulo Scutarro is […]