Swimming in Gehlsdorf – “Einfach Wohlfühlen”

  Have you ever questioned yourself where to swim in Rostock? Probably you’ve discovered the natatorium “Neptun” or the Baltic Sea but latter can be a chilly experience especially in the wintertime. For this and typically rainy coast weather the indoor swimming pool in Gehlsdorf is a good option to chill and relax. The pool […]

Sushi Heaven in Sievershagen

Hey folks! Do you fancy sushi today? Well, I know exactly where to find it! The sushi situation is Rostock is not bad at all. There are a couple of delivery services in town but the best sushi you will find is the running sushi in Sievershagen. Tokyo Sushi Rostock not only offers sushi but […]

Walking on air

Do you like walking and strolling around? I admit I do sometimes have difficulties motivating myself… I really don´t enjoy riding a bike and similarly, running or walking around outside can be a burden rather than a relaxing activity. It happens from time to time, though, that I am up for it. It happens to […]

On the move, this time: the KTV

–Rostock’s hippest and trendiest neighborhood-  by Maren Schröder Love strolling and browsing in small stores? Love lingering in a nice Café and just enjoying life? Then do not look any further because I have the perfect hotspot in Rostock for you: the “Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt” in short, the KTV. Here you can find just about anything, from […]

A whole new world? Not!

As some of my fellow students are drowning the Frozen-Yoghurt-Shop “fröhlich” in a flood of overwhelming compliments, it looks like I am the devil of the story. To be honest, I am playing in the team of the “Eiswerkstatt”-lovers. BUT (index finger up) – those new pictures of the fröhlich-bubblewaffles made me curious – reeeeally […]

Lions, zebras, apes and just the greatest time

As some of you may have guessed by the headline already, this blog is gonna be about a zoo. But it’s not just about any zoo. It’s about Rostock’s zoo which is very special to me because it’s part of my childhood and therefore part of me. But enough of that soppiness! Let’s cut to […]

Have a Break

Asking myself what’s really special about the beautiful Hanseatic City of Rostock there was one thing that immediately came to my mind: the canteens! Yes, the canteens. They are much more than a place for having a quick lunch and incomparable to those of other cities in Germany. You want to know what makes them […]

Inexpensive Girls Night Out

It is best known that most students are on a veeeeeery low budget. Nevertheless, students really like to party – from time to time at least 😉 . If you and your friends are looking for a great and cheap night out in Rostock, don’t worry! There’s something I’d like to mention: You might know […]

Been there, done that – 2

Chapter 2 – My Rave Renaissance   Right off the bat, the headline is a bit misleading. I do not in fact, nor did I ever, consider myself a raver. The alliteration just sounded too good to not use in a headline. Nevertheless, there still is some truth in the phrase, as my party going […]

Day trip to Stralsund

This April I took a spontaneous one-day-trip to Stralsund. One morning friends of mine were calling me up saying they parked in front of my apartment with a full picnic basket and wanted to drive to Stralsund. Right. My exact thought as well. What is Stralsund?! I didn’t know what to quickly grab. Do I […]