Wilhelmshöhe Warnemünde

When I first met my boyfriend, he took me and my dog for walk in Warnemünde. We left our car at the parking space “Parkplatz Strand Mitte” and started out walk in direction Wilhelmshöhe. While always having the baltic sea on our right side, we walked around a forest-like path, where we could let our […]

The one and only Fusion

In the last ten years, you could observe an upcoming trend throughout Germany that was formerly reserved to specific music elites like metal or goa (psychedelic music) fans. The festival is nowadays an activity which nearly every adventurous person between 16 and approximately 50 (exceptions confirm the rule) plans on doing during the summertime at […]

Where to basketball in Rostock

Sometimes, when you are on vacation, there are days where you don´t have anything planned. You could hang out on the beach, take a little stroll through the city or do some sports to relax. I myself love to play basketball when I have some spare time and the guys are up for it, too. […]

A Tribute to Goethe

What comes to your mind when somebody says the name (Johann Wolfgang von) Goethe? When I hear it, a picture of an elderly 19th century dude meticulously working on his “Faust“ pops up.  I am pretty sure everybody came across his writings and poems at least three times during their school times (I can only […]

Best Cocktails are Drunk Barefoot

Why should I write about a bar with a strange name like that? Well first of all because in Rostock there’s nearly no bar without a strange name and by the way, what is a not-strange-kind of name for bars? I don’t know. But see, I’m originally from Berlin and I have of course not seen […]