Travel Activites & Accomodation

What’s on the other side?

  Ever wondered what is actually on the other side of the Warnow in Rostock? While taking a walk in the sun with some friends along the harbour in Rostock, I asked them if they had ever been to the other side of the Warnow, and one of them said “Actually yes! That’s Gehlsdorf. It’s beautiful […]

Diving Dog in Baltic Sea

Spring always seems to come soon and summer even sooner. I have a very active dog and his name is Noah. He is that kind of dog that needs action to at least 2 3 times a day. We both enjoy going for a walk – he often more than I do. Noah is a […]

Day trip to Stralsund

This April I took a spontaneous one-day-trip to Stralsund. One morning friends of mine were calling me up saying they parked in front of my apartment with a full picnic basket and wanted to drive to Stralsund. Right. My exact thought as well. What is Stralsund?! I didn’t know what to quickly grab. Do I […]

Planning a day trip

The weather is starting to get better — even the sun is back in Rostock (sometimes). Perfect time to start doing more outdoor stuff again. As it can be still very windy up at the baltic sea in Warnemünde and therefore challenging to even make the walk up to the lighthouse at times (this walk […]

Stories of a Martian: On tattoos and/as souvenirs

Hey, hey! It’s me again – your favourite Martian, who is deciding on the fate of your planet. Fun, fun, fun. My friend visited me for my birthday this week. She comes from Neptun and her name is Tomomo. Yeah, it does have a ring to it, doesn’t it?. I took her sightseeing even if […]

Easter Struggle

When I got off the tram at Rostock’s Neuer Markt square, a huge sign saying “Ostermarkt” catched my eyes. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw at all. Instantly I looked at my phone to check the date. Quite confused I realized that Easter Holidays are about to come up. Didn’t we just celebrate New […]

A trip to the high cliffs of Rerik

  Only a one hour car drive from Rostock away, you will find one of the most fascinating views in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Rerik, a small and beautiful town is located in between the Baltic Sea and a small bodden called “Salzhaff”. If you are standing on the smallest part of the spit and turn your head, […]

Stories of a Martian: Well, hello, Warnemünde.

Did you see that place? First I thought it was just some beach you come to via Straßenbahn from either the main station in Rostock or Parkstraße, so I wasn’t expecting much – I mean, a beach right next to some cranes and a train station? Would you expect much? Not to mention the way […]