All the garden’s a stage!

Ever been to the Klostergarten (Nunnery garden)? Particularly in the late hours of summertime, you can find a lot drama here. ;P The “Compagnie de Comédie” (the ‘Company of Comedy’ theatre group) from Rostock builds up an open air stage right next to the Cloister in the city center. Although they call themselves the Company […]

Have a look

It can be tough to chose from all the different options you have for a night out in a quite varied city like Rostock. Let me help you with that! A few weeks ago we filmed a tiny documentary for a local tv channel. The theme was “An evening in Rostock” and after quite a […]

Amateur theatre in Rostock

Never heard of any stage play performed by Rostock´s students? Didn´t even know there was such a thing as amateur dramatics in this city? Prepare to be surprised: The following blog delivers a true insider tip; remarkable — not only to newcomers. Roughly 5 years ago, the “Dionysos Theater AG” (theatre project/drama group) was founded […]

Comedy, it’s fun!

It is rainy and cold outside and you are in really bad mood. How about changing that bad attitude instead of getting even more depressed?! Laughing is always good, and makes you feel better, so just check out the schedule of the Compagnie de Comedie. Compagnie de Comedie is a place in Rostock, where different […]

With Horn, Halberd and Candle

Are you looking for an interesting evening programme in Rostock and also like to know more about the history of this medieval Hanseatic city, presented lively and with a lot of disport?! Join the Tour with the Rostock Night Watchman!   The Night Watchman takes you on his patrol and tells you about his job […]