Sports to watch

Ice-cold enjoyment at M-V’s biggest ice-stadium

All ice-princesses and ice-princes pay attention! If you want to do some sports in winter in Rostock, you can proceed on seductively slippery terrain. The biggest ice-stadium in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern welcomes you to go ice-skating every year from September to April. Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, young and old meet at pleasant temperatures and cool DJ-music […]

Lax at the Beach

I do play Lacrosse in Rostock and I love it. Unfortunately it is a really uncommon sport in Germany – YET – but as a “Lacrosser” our mission is to grow the game. And that’s exactly what we try in Rostock. Since there is a Kieler Woche and the Travemünder Woche in Lübeck there has to be […]

The “Seawolves” – NBA feeling in Rostock

Regularly by the beginning of October, when the outside air temperature begins to drop and Rostock’s alleys turn into a dark foggy loneliness a la “Sherlock Holmes” there is one energetic place where people join together to see thrilling Basketball.  In case you have one of these weekend days when nothing but junk determines TV […]

Hockey in Rostock

Did you know you can play Hockey in Rostock? I mean real Hockey – not Ice Hockey or Floor Hockey – but real Hockey that has been played since the 19th century. Here in Rostock, we have a fun little sports club called “HSG Uni Rostock“. We have a youth team with age ranges of 6 to […]

It’s time to watch the match…alone?

The football world championship is in progress, and the whole country is thrilled. On match day, people wear football shirts with the numbers of their favorite football players on them. Flags are raised in the gardens, on cars and out of windows. Then, finally, the time for the opening whistle is there and you, as […]

Piranhas in the ice rink

Have you ever seen Piranhas on ice? Well, in Rostock you have such an opportunity. Our local ice hockey team is called the “Rostock Piranhas”, and if you like to watch fast, exciting and fascinating sports with a lot of action, make sure you check out a “Piranhas” match. Every second Sunday night in the […]

Check out women´s handball in MV!

All over the world there are loads of people interested in Football, Basketball and Volleyball. In Great Britain, the United States and parts of South America, in particular Handball is not a very common sport activity. A lot of Germans, however, would say, it is a very popular sport here in Germany – perhaps behind football. […]

The Wind Water Juxtaposition

One of the many things Rostock is known for is its proximity to the Baltic Sea. And those of you who have been to Rostock or those who live here know that with this fact comes a strong and at times bothersome amount of wind that is known to mess up your hair or kill […]