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Liberty Delis – taste explosion

When I’m on my way home and I walk by my favorite burger deli, I feel like I’m part of one of Pawlow’s experiments. My mouth starts watering even before I see any food; the mere sight of this nicely designed window makes me completely forget my intention to start a healthier diet. Unbalanced it […]

Been there, done that – 2

Chapter 2 – My Rave Renaissance   Right off the bat, the headline is a bit misleading. I do not in fact, nor did I ever, consider myself a raver. The alliteration just sounded too good to not use in a headline. Nevertheless, there still is some truth in the phrase, as my party going […]

Been there, done that – 1

Chapter 1 – Introduction To me, it seems that writing a blog, just like writing in general, requires a certain set of skills of the text’s composer. Fundamentally, these would probably be: a general desire or drive to express one’s thoughts in a specific style, a basic capability to form a somewhat coherent narrative or […]

KTV!? – Kinda To Vapid

When I first moved to Rostock 5 years ago, people told me that there is no better place to live as a student in Rostock than in the KTV (Kröpeliner Tor Vorstadt). The Hansaviertel and Innenstadt are fine, Südstadt and Altstadt okay, but don’t even thing about any other place to live is what people […]

Life Is Not a ‘Ponyhof’

Again with the quotes about life? But you gotta admit, life is indeed sometimes as hard and tough as a hoof, so we here in Germany say: “Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof!” (See what I did there? ‘Hoof’ and ‘Hof’? Eh?) What’s with the rhyming you might ask and wonder? Well, let me tell you […]

“Life is like riding a bicycle.[…]”

“[…] To keep your balance you must keep moving” (Albert Einstein) Life is also like a box of chocolates (Forrest Gump) or a rollercoaster (Ronan Keating – former, Irish-born member of Boyzone) respectively. So to start this blog with one of those generic, wannabe-wisdom quotes about what life is like might’ve been a bit of […]

Summer Season is BBQ Season!

Since my stay in the States – I was 16 years old – I really cherish a good southern BBQ. I lived on a large southern horse farm, and after an exhausting day of barn chores, we always enjoyed a fantastic BBQ, which my host dad started preparing as early as in the morning. He […]