Have you ever seen your music teacher…

…rockin’ on drums, jammin’ on a guitar or freestylin’ on percussion? Have you ever heard them sing songs with Arabic influence, perform vocal percussion or even sing a rock song? I never have, but became amazed that all that, and far more, is possible at the Extraordinary School Music Teacher’s Concert (Außergewöhnliches Schulmusikerkonzert) of the […]

Lookin’ for the Arts…?

…and don’t know where to go in Rostock?! Surely, there is the Kunsthalle, several theaters, and places that host concerts which are all interesting and definetly worth a visit, but I would recommend the HMT Rostock. The “Hochschule fuer Musik und Theater” hosts everything in one building, which is not highly suprising as it translates to […]