Film reviews

Independence Day: Resurgence: A real disaster movie

They had twenty years to prepare and what did they create? Another movie apocalypse directed by Roland Emmerich, and a ludicrous attempt to make a sequel of his 1996 blockbuster hit Independence Day. It feels like a copy of the formulaic blockbuster movies we have watched a billion times before. Emmerich was not able to […]

Accepting Simplicity: Paterson film review

The thing with independent and alternative films is that you cannot really apply the rules of the classical Hollywood narration. In “Paterson”, the new movie of American cult director Jim Jarmusch (“Broken Flowers”, “Only Lovers Left Alive”), this was what I had to remind myself of several times. Once I accepted the fact that there […]

Nasty Guys Turn Into Superheroes

On Thursday, 18th of August 2016, the time had come: “Suicide Squad” started in the German-speaking world. Director David Ayer (‘Fury’, 2014) brings his eagerly awaited DC comics-based action noir to the screen starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and Viola Davis. A puzzlingly confused undertaking that never becomes as cool as it thinks […]

Arrival puts the Science in Science Fiction

It is a common assumption that a successful science fiction movie includes time travel, laser gun fights or space exploration and strange planets. Arrival, directed by Denis Villeneuve, who has already done astounding work on Sicario, is a reinterpretation of its own genre and does not confirm to these standards. The movie script was based on […]

Paterson – Ode to the usual

Jim Jarmusch’s new film – on screen at LiWu (Lichtspieltheater Wundervoll) in December   Jim Jarmusch’s newest work is another character-based drama, although one might say that in it, nothing really happens. He manages to bring to us the wonderful and dreamy facets near again – not by creating complex plots, but by characters that […]