It’s not spooky in the ghost forest!

With the weather getting better, lots of people go to the beaches in Warnemünde to make the most out of the warm days at the sea. But if you’re not a big fan of overcrowded places (like me) and really just want to do some relaxing sun bathing without laying towel to towel, Nienhagen is a […]

What’s on the other side?

  Ever wondered what is actually on the other side of the Warnow in Rostock? While taking a walk in the sun with some friends along the harbour in Rostock, I asked them if they had ever been to the other side of the Warnow, and one of them said “Actually yes! That’s Gehlsdorf. It’s beautiful […]

Rubber Ducks’ Escape from the Bathtubs of Güstrow

If you visit the relatively small town of Güstrow near the A19 motorway during autumn, you might just get there in time for their annual Rubber Duck Race. Hundreds of tiny yellow rubber ducks are taken from their natural habitat of the homely bathtub, dumped into a river running through Güstrow’s park by the castle, […]

Wallanlagen: a park within the city centre

Spring has finally arrived! Well, we’re still in Rostock, and bad weather still happens quite frequently, but sunny days are on their way! So there’s no rain (or snow), not as many clouds in the sky, and the sun is shining (there’s no way avoiding the wind though, I’m sorry for that, that’s just how […]

The Top 5 Places to Picnic in Rostock

Now that spring is finally here and the weather is becoming much nicer, the picnic and barbeque season is finally starting. Dig out the old blanket from the back of your closet and let’s go eat some delicious food at the best places. Here are my top 5 picks for picnic places: Number 1 is the […]

Schwerin – City of Light

With its rich history and overall atmosphere of being the heart of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, you might initially think that Rostock is the state’s capital, right? Wrong. If you want to see MV’s actual headquarters, you will need to travel southwards in the direction of a lovely place called Schwerin. It might come as a surprise to […]

A Walk Among the Dead

Finding a quiet spot in the city isn’t always as easy as it may sound. Surely, there are some in town that are made for a nice afternoon stroll: Rostock’s very own port where all kinds of ships and boats float peacefully on the river Warnow. That lovely green park right behind the Kunsthalle which […]

Birds of a Feather…

…flock together. I guess that’s why Manni and I, once again (a few weeks after our trip to Karl’s), found ourselves on another outing. This time the journey went to the “Vogelpark Marlow“ (bird park). Unlike last time, we had planned ahead, though; we had planned how to get there, packed some snacks and drinks, […]

Parks and Recreation

(K)nope, not talking about these guys! Unfortunately, Leslie and her gang have not made it to Rostock, yet. But, Rostock’s own Parks Department does the job just as well — if not even better. Looking at Rostock from above, you will not only see a lot of green in-between buildings and blocks, but also many […]

A Chirpy Day at “Karls Erlebnisdorf”

Once upon a time there was a little strawberry. Then there were two; and three; and four… and BOOM! Suddenly, at Rövershagen there was the great “Karls Erdbeerhof”! Great not only in the sense of spacious and enjoyable, but also what concerns its variety of offered products, entertainment and activities. If you think you just […]