Xmas Specials

Christmas in Germany – at home in Rostock

In Great Britain, the 24th of December means actually nothing. In all German cities and families, it is probably the most exciting day of the year. Great smells, bright children´s eyesand a lot of food make the day and the whole Christmas time so special. Personally, I enjoy the whole day. Starting by waking up […]

Merry X-mas

Christmas is a really special time of the year. A lot of people around the earth celebrate it, so do Germans. Around Christmas the whole family comes together and spends some quality time with family and good friends. My family meets in the morning of the 24th of December, in the morning we have breakfast, […]

A Today’s Christmas Story

When I think of Christmas, I think about family gatherings and nativity plays, Christmas roast and cookies, candles and carols, decorated Christmas trees and presents underneath it. But actually, when I talk about Christmas, I mean Christmas Eve. Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays – if not THE most celebrated one. The stores […]

Christory on December 24th

When it comes to Christmas in our family, it is always a little trip back into history. Not because we have an old dusty plastic tree, sing the same songs (even though that can be nice), or hand over the same little gifts year by year, but that our great-grand-mother influenced our very personal Christmas […]

Christmas for me…

An important remark that you need to know about me is that I am an atheist. This does not change the fact that I adore the time around the 24th to 26th of December. It is not for the Christian element nor for what Pop-Culture and a consume orientated market have made of it. It […]

Cookies, Candles and Chipmunks

My personal German Christmas Experience   As my personal attitude towards Christmas has changed over the years, I enjoy this most tranquil time of the year best with lots of delicious food and beverages within the family circle.   Since I´m not the biggest fan of Christmas, I often struggle to get in the right […]

Typical Christmas!

  Germans all over the country celebrate their Christmas days in a very similar way. That is at least what I noticed (tiny differences allowed). “Heiligabend”, as the 24th of December is called, is considered as the first day of the festive. During the day people generally do things like decorating the Christmas tree, preparing […]

Make a Wish – and Send it to Santa

Only a few kilometers away from the south of Mecklenburg, in a village fittingly called Himmelpfort (the name can be translated to something like ‘Pearly Gates’), the Santa’s post office opened some weeks ago. Kids from all over the world send their letters to Santa there, who then answers them with the help his Christmas Angels. […]