Electro-Party Time in Rostock

I read a lot about the Studentenkeller or LT introduced by other students here on These clubs are fine, no doubt, but while scrolling through blog posts about partying in Rostock, I missed other clubs, especially for people who like electronic music. That’s why I want to introduce two really cool events to you […]

Be Sherlock for an Hour and Save the World

I am a person, who is totally addicted to the Sherlock Holmes series. It shows the British actor Benedict Cumberbatch solving one big mystery after another. His mind always seems so clever, that it must be supernatural. If you and your friends or family also want to feel like Sherlock for an hour, I can […]

Bow Wave in Warnemünde aka. Warnifornia

*Source of featured picture. (The oh so famous “Fährwelle” in Warnemünde) Would surf-riding at the Baltic Sea seem like the most common things to do? You will be surprised. Even though the Baltic Sea does not provide as clean sets as you might find at the Atlantic Ocean, there are possibilities to surf-ride. Even here […]

Wilhelmshöhe Warnemünde

When I first met my boyfriend, he took me and my dog for walk in Warnemünde. We left our car at the parking space “Parkplatz Strand Mitte” and started out walk in direction Wilhelmshöhe. While always having the baltic sea on our right side, we walked around a forest-like path, where we could let our […]

Where to basketball in Rostock

Sometimes, when you are on vacation, there are days where you don´t have anything planned. You could hang out on the beach, take a little stroll through the city or do some sports to relax. I myself love to play basketball when I have some spare time and the guys are up for it, too. […]

A Tribute to Goethe

What comes to your mind when somebody says the name (Johann Wolfgang von) Goethe? When I hear it, a picture of an elderly 19th century dude meticulously working on his “Faust“ pops up.  I am pretty sure everybody came across his writings and poems at least three times during their school times (I can only […]