Inexpensive Girls Night Out

It is best known that most students are on a veeeeeery low budget. Nevertheless, students really like to party – from time to time at least 😉 . If you and your friends are looking for a great and cheap night out in Rostock, don’t worry! There’s something I’d like to mention: You might know […]


  You feel like relaxing and drinking a cocktail? I know where to get one – at Salsarico Warnemünde! If you visit at the happy hour between 5pm and 6pm you’ll even get two cocktails at the price of one!   Salsarico is a Mexican restaurant next to the 3-D cinema at the light house […]

Christmas – olè

Gosh! To be honest with you, I am slowly getting sick of all these Christmas sales!  I mean everywhere you look there is either a fake Christmas tree, stressed people fighting about the best present or that persistent Christmas music! And don’t forget about the mixed stench of Christmas bakery and grilled steaks. What I […]