Fröhlich Frozen Yogurt – Refreshing Sin

You’re probably an addict. You’re on sugar. Don’t worry – me too! Sugar fuels every cell in your brain, sugar is a reward to your brain, sugar is addictive. It is tough to break your habits, especially when it comes to the consumption of this sweet motherf*cker. You know that feeling when you get a […]

A Hipster’s Guide to Rostock (Or where to find Good Coffee)

Regardless of wether you identify as a Hipster or you just like the stylish and vintage kind of places – this post is for you! You can see them on the streets wherever you go. Especially downtown or in the KTV (Kröpeliner-Tor- Vorstadt), the student quarter of Rostock. They wear jute bags and skinny jeans […]

Been there, done that – 3

Hello darkness my old friend   Coffee is the gasoline to my personal engines. It gets me going in the morning, recharges my batteries throughout the day, and sometimes even helps me to go to bed in the night. Needless to say, that I consume copious amounts of the dark brew. If I’m desperate, I’ll […]

Coffee junkies be aware

Love coffee? Don’t like to enjoy a really good and tasty coffee in a bakery or café? You are tired of medium quality coffee Togo? Or want to drink aromatic coffee at one of place of your choice? If yes then you should really visit the coffee bike and get a high quality, bio and […]

A whole new world? Not!

As some of my fellow students are drowning the Frozen-Yoghurt-Shop “fröhlich” in a flood of overwhelming compliments, it looks like I am the devil of the story. To be honest, I am playing in the team of the “Eiswerkstatt”-lovers. BUT (index finger up) – those new pictures of the fröhlich-bubblewaffles made me curious – reeeeally […]

For all cake enthusiasts

Who doesn’t love puns? Personally, what attracted me the most about the bakery shop and the delicious baked goods, that I’ll be swooning over later on, was the wordplay on the outside of the shop. Right across the street from the streetcar station “Schröderplatz“ is a bakery called “Brotzeit- Ein Stück Rostock“. Well, it is […]

Fresh made Ice Tea or Good & Solid Schnitzel?

My latest discovery of pocket friendly cafes in Rostock, namely Café M , might be relatively easy to overlook, but if you ask me, absolutely worth a visit.   It’s situated near the campus of the University of Rostock, a 5 minute walk from the stop “Parkstraße” (S1, Bus 25,27, Tram 3,6) . From the outside […]

Sugar pie, honey bunch…

Nope, I really can´t help myself. You know I tried to skip sugar for quite a while now but when it comes to cakes, pies and all others of these little devilish pieces of heaven…this is actually quite a hard one. While I´m enduring my misery I thought why not giving you some advice where […]