Jaz – alternative but not less fun

The Jaz – an acronym for Jugend Alternativ Zentrum (alternative youth centre) – has always been an important part of Rostock when it comes to alternavive music and lifestyles. Now, after nearly 2 years of renovation, the Jaz has eventually opened its gates again. Nothing resembles the barrack the Jaz used to be. On the […]

Life is like a dream when you’re drifting on a stream

“Any plans for the weekend?” “Well, we could go dancing. Drinking a beer at the harbor would be quite nice, too.” “… so basically the same as every weekend.” Are you looking for something new, something exciting, something extraordinary? Here is my humble suggestion: take your friends and rent a canoe! There is nothing more […]

Flunky Ball

Flunky Ball is a deadly serious game between two opposing teams about glory and honour – ok, to be honest drinking beer and having fun with your friends could be quite important as well. It isn’t particualary connected to Rostock or Mecklenburg Vorpommern in general, but since people all over Germany enjoy playing it I […]

Some Special Sugar

I think it is time to present you a rather unknown location, since I couldn’t find any other post about it. The “Alte Zuckerfabrik” (old sugar factory) is really at the outskirt of the city, but this is not the only reason why it isn’t usually mentioned when people talk about party locations in Rostock. […]

Places to hang out

Hey there! The sun is shining, the weather is sweet. That’s why I’m going to present you my favourite places to enjoy the light and warmth. These places aren’t really hidden or unknown, so this post will be most interesting for those of you who haven’t been to Rostock before. the harbor Well, I think […]


It’s Sunday afternoon, you want to hang out with your friends, but can’t find any beer in your house. You open the fridge, but there’s no food in it. All shops are closed on Sundays, so all you can do, is to buy the stuff overwhelmingly overpriced at the next gas station. No, wait! There […]