Picture this: you’re having one of those days where you step out of the door, minding nothing but your own business, enjoying the birds in the trees, and all of a sudden there it is: a new cake café! Wait, a new a cake café?! That doesn’t sound like it would happen very often. Actually, […]

Christory on December 24th

When it comes to Christmas in our family, it is always a little trip back into history. Not because we have an old dusty plastic tree, sing the same songs (even though that can be nice), or hand over the same little gifts year by year, but that our great-grand-mother influenced our very personal Christmas […]

Have you ever seen your music teacher…

…rockin’ on drums, jammin’ on a guitar or freestylin’ on percussion? Have you ever heard them sing songs with Arabic influence, perform vocal percussion or even sing a rock song? I never have, but became amazed that all that, and far more, is possible at the Extraordinary School Music Teacher’s Concert (Außergewöhnliches Schulmusikerkonzert) of the […]

Lookin’ for the Arts…?

…and don’t know where to go in Rostock?! Surely, there is the Kunsthalle, several theaters, and places that host concerts which are all interesting and definetly worth a visit, but I would recommend the HMT Rostock. The “Hochschule fuer Musik und Theater” hosts everything in one building, which is not highly suprising as it translates to […]

Good-Grippin’ the Bunker

There have been several blogs about the Bunker in Rostock and what to do inside of it. But there is a possibility to do something on the outside: free climbing.   You might think to yourself: how the hell am I supposed to free climb a Bunker. Well, in fact we are talking about a […]