Speedway in Güstrow

Speedway what?! I am very sure most of you who read the following blog cannot make use of the term Speedway in the first place. One reason more you’re hopefully excited to find out more about it. I provide you a short and crisp description so that you know what I am actually talking about. […]

Have a Break

Asking myself what’s really special about the beautiful Hanseatic City of Rostock there was one thing that immediately came to my mind: the canteens! Yes, the canteens. They are much more than a place for having a quick lunch and incomparable to those of other cities in Germany. You want to know what makes them […]

Every damn Wednesday

When I came to Rostock first of all I was concerned with organising all the university stuff. How to issue my timetable, where are the different faculties and how the hell is this stud.IP working? After getting kind of experienced with these procedures I asked myself the really important questions. Where can I engage in […]