Riding your bike in Rostock

Rostock is one of those cities where you’re faster riding a bike than anything else. If you stay in it’s inner boundaries (Innenstadt, östliche Altstadt, nördliche Altstadt, KTV, STV, Südstadt), you’ll generally reach everything within ten to fifteen minutes. Most bigger roads have bike lanes attached to them, and  bycicle stands can very often be found […]

6 high-end ingredients for a closed-shops-Sunday

In Germany, unlike many other countries, shops are normally closed on Sundays and sometimes especially elderly people even get upset with McDonalds or bakeries being open –  or even worse: ‚Verkaufsoffene Sonntage‘ –  Sundays where stores are allowed to be open.  These are, however, rare, so for me this trading situation very regularly creates the […]