Shopping + Coffee = Liebreiz

I’ve always walked by Liebreiz (which can be translated as “charm”) thinking that I definitely needed to go there sometime. But – as  things always are  – I had never been…until last week! What to expect: I find this place quite appealing, since it’s a mix of café and store. One half of it can be used to […]

Breakfast at Humboldt’s

What to expect: Although the Humboldt covers pretty much every mealtime, I would recommend this place if you’re looking for somewhere to get a good breakfast at a reasonable price. It’s ideal to start your day there when you’re hung-over from ‘last night’ and don’t have anything to eat at home. Even if you’re somewhat late […]


…is my favourite time during the year, since I get to spend time with my loved ones. On December 24th my parents, brother and I have a big breakfast together and decorate the Christmas tree together. Then, everyone finishes wrapping up gifts or deals with other things that need to be done before our traditional […]

The art of baking at the Kaffeehaus

In need of a rest after a long day of sightseeing and shopping in Rostock? Then get comfortable at the Kaffeehaus and refresh yourself with cake and coffee. Located in the city’s centre, it’s one of the most convenient places you can choose. What to expect: I always take friends and relatives who visit me there as […]

Hemingway’s food journey

Thanks to a friend of mine, a student at Rostock’s University of Music and Theatre (HMT), I recently tried out the restaurant Hemingway. Our visit was more coincidental than intentional: We went famished to the closest restaurant my friend knew, which happened to be just around the corner of the HMT. When we entered the […]