Christmas in Germany – at home in Rostock

In Great Britain, the 24th of December means actually nothing. In all German cities and families, it is probably the most exciting day of the year. Great smells, bright children´s eyesand a lot of food make the day and the whole Christmas time so special. Personally, I enjoy the whole day. Starting by waking up […]

Wanna become a football referee?

 If you ask me, football referees are real heroes. Not only are they crucial to the running of a game, but things like “You´re blind!” and “Open your eyes!”, “Are you stupid?” and “Shut up!” are also statements, my good friend Robert Kuligowski has heard more than a couple of times on the pitch (not […]

Check out women´s handball in MV!

All over the world there are loads of people interested in Football, Basketball and Volleyball. In Great Britain, the United States and parts of South America, in particular Handball is not a very common sport activity. A lot of Germans, however, would say, it is a very popular sport here in Germany – perhaps behind football. […]