Birds of a Feather…

…flock together. I guess that’s why Manni and I, once again (a few weeks after our trip to Karl’s), found ourselves on another outing. This time the journey went to the “Vogelpark Marlow“ (bird park). Unlike last time, we had planned ahead, though; we had planned how to get there, packed some snacks and drinks, […]

Parks and Recreation

(K)nope, not talking about these guys! Unfortunately, Leslie and her gang have not made it to Rostock, yet. But, Rostock’s own Parks Department does the job just as well — if not even better. Looking at Rostock from above, you will not only see a lot of green in-between buildings and blocks, but also many […]

A berry funny day

It was a beautiful Saturday in May; the sun was shining high in the sky; the birds were singing in the trees; children were playing outside, laughing happily… And what was I doing? Sitting inside, inside at my desk, inside brooding over some tasks for university. My gaze kept wandering to the window and the […]

Get connected!

Free WiFi for everyone! Smartphones, tablets and notebooks are great. Unfortunately, they are all pretty useless without an internet connection. Data plans are expensive (especially for foreign countries), often limited, and the connection is always the slowest when you’re in a hurry. Of course, there are the usual hotspots at cafés, hotels, or restaurants — […]

Workout on the Railroad

Last summer, some friends from Austria came to visit me and wanted to explore Mecklenburg’s beautiful countryside. As they had brought their children, a lengthy hiking or bike trip was quickly tossed to the salty sea air. Plus, I really don’t have any sense of direction at all; I would probably have gotten us all lost […]

Warm Meal and Warm Welcome

In Rostock? Hungry? Looking for an authentic culinary experience? Search no more!  I’ve got just the place for you: The “Bauernhaus” in Biestow. The Bauernhaus serves traditional Mecklenburgish food like Strammer Max or Bauernfrühstück. They also offer local beers (Rostocker, Flensburger) to go with your meal. If you’re more in the mood for some afternoon coffee […]