The Wind Water Juxtaposition

One of the many things Rostock is known for is its proximity to the Baltic Sea. And those of you who have been to Rostock or those who live here know that with this fact comes a strong and at times bothersome amount of wind that is known to mess up your hair or kill […]

The Chair Insufficiency

The Schusters Beach Bar, situated at the shore of Warnemuende, is not an insider’s tip anymore and hasn’t been for some time. Quite the contrary; Schusters is one of the hotspots in Warnemuende, especially during the summertime. The bar is hard to miss as it looks like a huge cube with its practically non-existing walls, […]

The Bubble Tea Expansion

One thing that has been becoming widely popular in Germany this year is Bubble Tea. ‘’Bubble Tea?’’ You might ask. Bubble Tea or Pearl Tea is a tea drink that originated in Taiwan in the 1980s. It usually contains a tea base (black tea, green tea etc.) mixed with fruit syrup and/or milk, and small […]

The Store-room Conundrum

In one of my last posts, I wrote about the ’’Zwanzig 12’’. As we were sitting outside the restaurant enjoying our cocktails, we noticed a small Asian restaurant in the alley next to us. We were a little surprised that we’d never seen it before. It wasn’t new, but the store is just so small […]

The Cocktail Saturation

Finding a new location in Rostock City to write about proved more difficult than I expected. Most of the clubs, bars, restaurants and cafes have been in their respective places since what feels like forever. So imagine my surprise when I went down to the harbour the other day and walked right past a restaurant […]

The Willy Wonka Congruence

Shortly after I moved to Rostock, I stumbled upon a place called ‘’Schokoladerie de Prie’’ or ‘’Chocolate Factory de Prie’’. Intrigued by the simple fact that the store sign included the word chocolate (How can you go wrong with that?), I went inside to see what might slumber behind the slightly mundane storefront. To my […]