All the garden’s a stage!

Ever been to the Klostergarten (Nunnery garden)? Particularly in the late hours of summertime, you can find a lot drama here. ;P The “Compagnie de Comédie” (the ‘Company of Comedy’ theatre group) from Rostock builds up an open air stage right next to the Cloister in the city center. Although they call themselves the Company […]

The fair city of Rostock can feel unfair

Expressing my misery in a blog entry ain’t fair? – I don’t care. No other city in Germany – or maybe the whole world – has such a density of fairs as Rostock. Let me summarize our fair tradition: As soon the Easter fair is taken down we build up the Walpurgis Night/Dance-into-the-Mai fair, as […]

Padlock the Bridge!

A few years ago I watched a documentary about Cologne, focusing mostly on the biggest bridge in the city (the Hohenzollernbrücke).  There is an odd kind of sentimental, bonding, romantic thing that has been happening and spreading throughout Germany (and further) for at least a decade. It has even reached Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, although an old […]