Have a look

It can be tough to chose from all the different options you have for a night out in a quite varied city like Rostock. Let me help you with that! A few weeks ago we filmed a tiny documentary for a local tv channel. The theme was “An evening in Rostock” and after quite a […]

Know your body inside out

Ever wondered what your body really looked like on the inside? Well, I guess you do now! You’re  lucky cause for the first time the fascinating exhibition Bodyworlds (“Körperwelten” in German) is guesting in Rostock. Up to the 5th October you can explore the extraordinary functionalities of the human body, from skeleton structure to the […]

A serpent you can trust

For some reason snakes are usually associated with evil, guile and malice. Well, from that foul little creature in Eve and Adam’s paradise to scary hypnotist Kaa from the Jungle Book to Voldemort’s nasty minion/pet/horcrux (you know the story) Nagini, snakes have never exactly been the stories’ heros. And the only line from Shakespeare’s Macbeth I […]

Follow in Jim Hawkins’ footsteps

So, you’re on your fabulous backpacking trip, everything’s rainbows and unicorns and suddenly it hits you – you desperately need some more clothes you can wear out, an old pair of shoes, some fresh reading material, an extraordinary souvenir for the folks at home or simply some random stuff. If you also don’t mind spending […]

Artistic much?

Feeling artistic – or at least a bit arty? Then you should definitely go and check out the three promising exhibitions the Kunsthalle has to offer at the moment. The variety of modern art, created by Andy Denzler, Hwang Young-Sung and Katharina Sieverding, will be on view in Rostock til July 7th. Denzler’s paintings of […]

Ascension Island – Sounds like a plan?

Well, it’s here again, the day you wish you could send all those lovely husbands/fathers/random guys off to Ascension Island. Some clever dude adjourned German Father’s Day to Ascension Day – cause you have a day off anyway. And I don’t know if it was the same guy’s idea, but the term ‘Father’s Day’ has somehow […]

Swan Lake

So, today I want to talk about our Swan Lake. To those classic music lovers among you whose Tchaikovsky hearts just back-flipped – sorry, not what I meant. Feel free to click  here however if you want to set this post to an appropriate soundtrack. No, I’m thinking about the Schwanenteich, a lovely little lake about […]