Electro-Party Time in Rostock

I read a lot about the Studentenkeller or LT introduced by other students here on balticseabackpackertips.com. These clubs are fine, no doubt, but while scrolling through blog posts about partying in Rostock, I missed other clubs, especially for people who like electronic music. That’s why I want to introduce two really cool events to you […]

Grillstube BROILER in Warnemünde

Looking for a cult-restaurant in Rostock also very much loved by locals which will provide a glimpse what it was like living in the 80s/90s in Rostock as a young adult? Then you should definitely visit the Grillstube Broiler (also called “Broiler Bar” by the local inhabitants) in Warnemünde. It’s located in the tall white […]

A Day Trip to Lake Groß Lüsewitz

When in Rostock or MV, it’s a must to visit the Baltic Sea at least once – that’s for sure. But not only does M-V has a beautiful seaside but also gorgeous lakes. Lake Groß Lüsewitz is one of them. It is about 15 kilometres from Rostock in the countryside and easy to reach: A […]