The ‘Besitos’

The Besitos Hey folks, Yesterday we visited the Spanish restaurant and cocktail bar Besitos in order to try out some of their drinks. It’s located at the port, so it’s perfectly for sitting outside and enjoying a few drinks while watching the sun go down over the water (pay attention guys, the girls will love […]

La Havanna

Buenos días amigos y amigas =) This time we want to say something about the little Cuban bar La Havanna, which is located in the Waldemarstraße 1 in the KTV. It’s a small bar but there are benches outside, so if the weather’s good you can enjoy a rum and cigar in the sun and […]

BARke (Currywurst)

Hello everybody, today’s recommendation is something special in a way that none of our previously presented restaurants have been. The Currywurst ( which can be translated as curried sausage) portion of the BARke is a rather small part of the actual business. Still, I decided to inform you on this part of it, other then […]

Party Route A

(A) CAFÉ M     Elisabethstraße 10 18057 Rostock The „Café M“ is a lovely little Café near the campus “Ulmenstraße”. You can enjoy drinks like hot apple juice with cinnamon or delicious cocktails. They offer little snacks as well. In summer you can sit outside to feel the sunlight on your skin. There is […]

The Mensa of Rostock

Hello again, this time I am going to present you something that is not really considered to be a restaurant. Nevertheless, I do think that this entry will help you getting food for cheap and of high quality. I am talking about the Mensen of the Studentenwerk Rostock. These canteens provide students and everyone else […]

The ‘ST Club’

One of the most charming clubs in Rostock is the ST Club which means Schiffahrtstechnik that is roughly translated to “technique for ship-building”. While not being the biggest club nor being an especially good looking location, the ST club offers a variety of events and wins over Rostock’s party-folks with it’s easy and familiar atmosphere. […]

The WickiWackiWoo

It is me again! Today I am going to recommend something that I originally did not plan to post here. But the word on the street is that the once famous WickiWackiWoo is closing this year. This made me write this review for you to enjoy this phenomenon of cocktail-bar. What made the bar special in […]

The Barfuß-Lounge

Hello there fellas! This week I had the chance to take a look at the café-bar ‘Barfuß’ for you. Barfuß is German for barefoot and that is the Leitmotif of the café, which means that you are encouraged to hang out and relax without your shoes on. You can find out more about this unique […]

The ‘Café Central’

Hello everybody, this week, I visited Café Central , enjoyed a nice coffee there, and asked the Café’s  lovely Sarah Bauerfeld a few questions. After that, I interviewed a twenty-something year-oldcouple about their impressions! The Staff Interview 1. Introduce yourself and your business to our readers! Hey, I’m Sarah, 22, this is a Café that […]