Vanessa’s student experience in Rostock   – Day 2  

What I forgot to mention in my last entry is that Vanessa already graduated last year and therefore made her own student life experiences, just not in good old Rostock…  So after our glorious night out, the next day started off with me hitting the A&E of the eye clinic, which is conveniently situated around […]

Vanessa’s student experience in Rostock  – Day 1

  Using the bank holidays as a perfect excuse to have a proper catch up, Vanessa, a friend of mine for many years, decided to visit over Christi Himmelfahrt. For those of you who are not originally from Germany, this bank holiday is generally used by men to celebrate father’s day; however, there’s a strong […]

Antalya Döner Kebab in Stralsund

A guide to a whole new kebab experience  During their culinary existence, the average German is bound to try out different kebabs that generally all taste more or less the same. Today, however, I will put you out of your misery: next time you’re in Stralsund go and grab your kebab at Analya’s. I’ll tell […]