Watersports – everything that you want

Just imagine: you are out at Warnemünde Beach and the weather is stunning. After a whole day of exhausting watersports, you enjoy an amazing sunset and have a BBQ. Isnt’ that a nice thing to imagine? It doesn’t have to stay an imagination. In Rostock and Mecklenburg Western Pomerania you can do pretty much everything […]

Enjoy Nature

Hello, my fellow runners. This is for sportspeople who enjoy nature, particularly forest and cross country running. This track is almost 5km long and pretty much in the nature. It is a mixture of wide sealed ways and narrow unsealed cross country paths.  You start at the end of the Schillingallee at the ice rink. […]

Running in Rostock

This goes to all the travellers that love the outdoors and don’t want to stop doing sports.  Although Rostock is not really good for any distances longer than 20km, it is still a beautiful place for running with lots of different sceneries to enjoy and different surfaces for every taste. Close to the inner city, […]