“Fish and ships” on Fischland Darß

You are a fan of fish dishes and travelling by boat or ship? Then you certainly have to visit Fischland Dar0! It’s a Baltic Sea peninsula situated between Rostock and Stralsund and is famous for its small fishing villages and resorts like Wustrow, Zingst, Prerow, etc. You can find a full list of Baltic Sea […]

Rostock’s Downtown Sights

Here we want to inform you about the most famous and extraordinary sights in the city‘s central districts. Every sight is evidence of Rostock‘s rich historical past.   The Medieval City Wall Until the mid 13th century Rostock didn‘t exist as we know it but instead formed three sovereign city districts. It was not until […]

Rügen Revisited

    The first article about Rügen by Marie Wussow reminded me of my own short vacation in Rügen. A few years ago I spent a weekend in Baabe which is located on the Eastern Peninsula of Rügen. We also had a wonderful time at the coast of the National Park of Jasmund in the […]


We are a group of German students studying English at the University of Rostock and part of the team that wants to help you discover the best spots in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. In order to make your stay here as worthwhile and memorable as possible we intend to provide you with a multitude of impressions and information […]