Karls Erdbeerhof in Rövershagen

A hot  tip for a day trip is Karls Erdbeerhof (Karls strawberry yard) located in Rövershagen near Rostock. But there is far more to discover than strawberries. The Erdbeerhof is designed like a farm with a lot of strawberry fields around it. Of course you can buy strawberries there, but also all kind of strawberry […]

Kunsthalle Rostock

The Kunsthalle is the most recommendable destination if you feel like experiencing art. The Kunsthalle is located in Reutershagen near the Schwanenteich. You can’t miss it, if you go by tram line 1, 4 or 5, there is a stop named “Kunsthalle”. During the GDR, the Kunsthalle was the only gallery in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern where you […]

Ostseewelten 5D-….whaat?!

……………FIVE ………..FOUR .…..THREE ……TWO ….ONE   ……..… Dimensions!!!!!                             …all in just ONE place: go and see by yourself at the Ostsee Welten in Warnemünde   You might know that a 3D movie is, right? A three-dimensional motion picture that enhance the illusion of being actually in the movie. A so-called illusion o depth perception.   […]

CineCineCineStar in Rostock

You might have heart or read the name CineStar before. It’s a movie theater company which has over 70 cinema in all Germany.   Here, common movies can be watched and enjoyed. From horror to love movies From science-fiction to documentaries From action movies to crimes From mystery to western From …   In Rostock, […]

Tag der Zoologie- Day of Zoology

On July 2 it’s the 140th anniversary of the zoological Institute in Rostock So, the whole day will be dedicated to guess what?! zoology .   What can you expect? -Lots of stimuli or all your senses! And way more than the 3D Show they will show…   What will your eyes be looking forward […]

Bunker Kino

Enjoy motion pictures and save money! How cool is that? Every Monday, the Kulturkombinat Bunker offers you a place to watch common movies:all  just for a few bucks.The Kulturkombinat Bunker in Rostock e.V. association also arranges classic and modern music concerts, exhibitions, theater and cabaret shows in case you are notin the mood for motion […]


Have you heard about ‘Slacklining’? No? You should continue to read this article about Slacklining in Rostock, then. You could also get an idea what Slacklining is when viewing some videos on Youtube. If you haven’t the possibility to check it out on Youtube, I’ll give you a short introduction. The basic idea is that […]


Wonderful Motion Picture Theater “Wonderful” Bored of typical Hollywood movies? Sick of all the action, blood and dreary jokes?Looking for something else?Go to Li.Wu.! Why? – Watch many good but lesser-known European movies– Watch many non-Hollywood movies from all over the world which are totally the opposite of mainstream– … Since 1993, Li.Wu. which is […]

Baseball In Rostock

Areyou  a Baseball-fan and missing your sport? Or are you interested in the sport but do not know where to watch, play or learn the game? I will explain the basic rules of Baseball and where to watch games here in our region to you in this blog entry. Baseball is a sport in which […]

American Football in Rostock

Missing some US sport in Rostock? No Problem, the American football scene in Rostock is quite lively. The team in Rostock is called “The Griffins” and they play in the “Regionalliga Ost”.Why are they called Griffins? Because the Griffin is the emblem of Rostock. American football is a game that is played in 4 quartersocmprised […]

E.ON edis City Lauf

One of Rostock’s biggest sportive events goes into its next round – the “E.ON edis Citylauf [http://www.rostocker-citylauf.de/].” If you want to see the people from our region in action, come to the Neuer Markt on Sunday, the 22nd Mai, and encourage the runners!   This Sunday it s already the 18th E.ON edis City Lauf […]

Swimming like a Fish

If the Baltic Sea is too cold for you, then try one of the indoor swimming pools here in Rostock! An inexpensive opportunity to swim indoors is provided by the Neptunhalle close to the DKB-Arena (soccer stadium). It only costs 5€ per 1,5 h for an adult and 2,50€ for children, students, and disabled people. […]