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The first thing that comes to mind when I travel is “ok, where can we drink?” In contrast to France, where it’s forbidden to drink a fresh beer in public transports, in Germany, the answer is “everywhere”. Bars, streets, even in the tram! Going out is very easy with a bit of imagination, even on a tight budget in Rostock. The local brewery offers you all the Rostocker beers, also available both in stores like Kaufland or in the Spätis.

Even if the streets are nice, sometimes Rostock weather can be difficult and unstable, so where can you hang out, but inside? I’d answer the KTV, for sure.

What is the KTV? It’s a district in Rostock where you can find bars, Spätis, and tea shops. As a good French girl, the Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt has offered me few of my favorite beer-cigarette-complaining-moments to busy my evenings. If you are craving for good bars to enjoy your time in, allow me to share you my top three with you.

The first one that comes to my mind, is for sure, the “Unfug”. Small, comfortable, and aesthetic, you will be able to have a good time there, listening to some rock while looking at the numerous canvases exposed on the walls, the expositions are always changing, and they give some visibility to artists. The 400 mL draught beer costs 3,50 euros and the wine there is good (around five euros for a 20cl glass). For me, it’s incredibly cheap, a beer in France costs around 7 euros for 50cl and 12cl of wine will cost around 5 euros. You can pay by card (and give a tip); the waiters are cool, and the bar offers free stickers! However, you need to go there very early to find a seat, like, for example, between 7 and 8 pm.

If you go too late to find a table inside Unfug, you can change your plans and go to “Molotow” instead. Just next to Unfug, this bar can be scary at first, it’s dark and small, but once inside, they offer foosball, cheaper beers than Unfung (1,60 euros for a bottle of Rostocker), and good juices for one euro (please don’t leave Germany without ordering a Kiba juice, it’s cherry and banana and it’s wholesome). Lot of rock music, it’s however a smoker bar, so avoid this place if you can’t stand the cigarette smell. I didn’t know it was still allowed in some countries in Europe. Last thing: don’t forget to withdraw cash before for this one.

The third one I’d recommend is Warmbad, it is basically a mix between Unfug and Molotov, with drinks in the same range of prices as Unfug. It’s looks very tight at the first sight, but it offers a wide smoking area with a piano standing there and I love going there when I miss playing piano, as it’s a difficult instrument to bring with you when you travel.

There are of course plenty of other bars that are worth visiting, but these bars are good place to start when you are in the center of Rostock, and as they are close to each other, it is difficult to get lost. You would be, for sure, make good memories with your friends there!


Unfug: https://www.unfug-rostock.de/

Molotow https://fr.restaurantguru.com/Molotow-Rostock

Warmbad https://www.facebook.com/pages/Warmbad/280207788686438

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