See you later, Germany – how to visit neighbours

Dear Community,
in the recent blogs I introduced a few nice and partly unique things and places concerning Rostock.
Today I want to show you what is going on around Rostock.
Doberan, Güstrow, Ribnitz…does not sound interesting to you? Okay, what about Denmark. Yes,
Denmark, the happiest nation in Europe. And only 1,5 hours away from here.
We start at Kröpeliner Vorstadt destrict, our downtown area. As usual by bike. We are riding now
through the well-known streets like Ulmenstraße, Budapester Straße and arrive at the Kabutzenhof
at the ferry peer. As I mentioned in a blog before, using the ferrys on the river Warnow is for signed
students for free. After arriving at the other side of the Warnow we are continuing our journey
through Gelsdorf moving forward to the Sea habour of Rostock. You will see a new side of
Rostock, which you did not know before. Single-family-houses, meadows, industrial areas are on
your side facing the see habour. And suddenly you are there. At the sea habour of Rostock. Cranes,
Ferry terminals, warehouses and ships which could tell many stories from journeys to many
countries far far away…
We are moving to the Ferry Terminal of Scandlines. Our destination is Gedser in Denmark. After purchasing tickets we need to
hurry because the bording for the ferry has already started.
On the upper deck you can enjoy a beautiful breaze and take a look at the blue sea. Leaving the
harbour Rostock becomes smaler and smaler. And maybe you realize: That´s the city where I live
and it is such a beauty!
Or you enjoy the Bistro in the Cuisine.
After 1, 5 hours, the ferry arrives at Gedser. When you see the houses you realize that you are in
Scandinavia! Suddenly the houses are slightly smaler than in Germany and most of them are out of
red brickstone. The clock´s seem to tick slowlier than in Rostock. Now you have the possibility to
think about the unuseful and useful stuff that brings life to you while you are hiking Gedser towardsthe next town. The next city there is Nykobing. Arriving in Nykobing, it is time to flunder around in
the different stores and cafes, with different products compared to german stores. But remember,
Kroner are the currency.
In the evening we return back to Gedser for the ferry to Rostock. So we had the opportunity to visit
a foreign country and to sleep in our own bed#

Rostock Port

Mainstreet at Gedser

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