An adventure playground for twens

Dear Community,
today I want to give you an insight of an advanture-playground for young adolds, better known as
the JAZ – the youth alternative meeting point in Rostock.


It was during my first year here in Rostock; a dark evening in November. A group of friends of
mine called and asked me to join the “Vokü” (the short version of public kitchen).
My friend told me that the public kitchen at the JAZ included a three-dish-meal (starter, main dish
and dessert) made with fresh vegan food for a low donation of € 3 per person to which I agreed.
When I entered the JAZ for the first time, I was very impressed. A big room with many beer
benches and tables with many young people sitting and chatting at them.
We settled down, and suddenly I was in a conversation with several people.
A few minutes later, everybody stood up and went to the counter to receive the first dish. It was a
salad with sesame and balsamico dressing. The main dish comprised of potatoes with bean curd.
For dessert we got lemon cake – vegan too.
Between the meals we were supposed to clean our dishes and cutlery on our own. A sink and towels
were provided.
The people who cook there are volunteers and offer you the possibility to cook with them if you
want to.
While I spent time at the JAZ for a dinner, I received a ton of information about the place. For
example, it can be used as a location for concerts and lectures. Furthermore, there are a few rooms
where different people offer different activities, for example a pottery workshop.
What I savour mostly is the bicycle repair area. A year ago I had trouble with my bike because front
tire was bent. A friend told me about the bicycle repair area; and so I went into the JAZ. The bicycle
repair area is not an ordinary repair shop because on one day per week professional mechanics
instruct you on know to repair your bike on your own! I got tips, technical instructions about bikes in general, and I was free to use tools for the repair area as well.
It was a pleasure to repair my bike almost alone; of course with some instructions from the
mechanic – and then afterwards leave with a satisfied feeling!
As you can see, the JAZ offers lots of possiblities with which to spend your spare time, learn new
useful abilities and meet new friends.
The JAZ is located at Lindenstraße 3 b in Rostock – Steintor Vorstadt. Everyone is welcome! So,
stop reading, and come over to find out the qualities of the JAZ prefered by you!


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