Lilac Dream

Everybody who is acquainted with me and my wardrobe knows that I’m not really fond of colors; I prefer grey shades, beige, white, blue at most – anything simple and nothing too bright. But anybody who knows me also knows that this rule has one exception: I absolutely love lilac! My two best friends recently teased me and called me Milka Kuh (Milka cow, the purple trademark by the famous Swiss chocolate brand) when I combined my lilac summer dress with a bikini of the same color and purple flip-flops for a trip to the beach.

I’m not sure quite sure where that special relationship to the color comes from.  Maybe from my childhood, when I spent my afternoons collecting the purplish hydrangeas in my grand-mothers garden in order to dry or press them. Or maybe from my travels to the south of France where I saw the famous, endless lavender fields for the first time outside of pictures. Or maybe it subconsciously does come from purple chocolate, I will never know.

What I do know, however, is that lilac simply puts me in a good mood. You can imagine I was quite ecstatic when I last week coincidentally came by a gigantic field of LILAC FLOWERS. Phacelias as far as I could see. The single flower heads in the distance merged into a big purple blanket and I immediately felt the need to run through. In there, the special odor of the plant rose to my nose while my eyes took in loads of little bees eagerly collecting pollen and nectar. I now understand why phacelias are also called Bienenfreund in German, which means bee’s friend. I continued walking through the field, still enjoying the incredibly calming but also intense lilac color. There were so many sensory impressions at once that it is hard to tell them apart, but when I think about it now, it’s easy to describe: It’s the feeling of summer.


PS: The field was close to the village Gerdshagen in one of MV’s numerous nature reserves. But I’m sure that there are many more places in MV where you can find beautiful flower fields.

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Hey guys, I'm a 24 year-old girl and student for English and French at the university of Rostock. I'm originally from Lübeck but I moved here because I wanted to discover life in another city while still being close to the sea - my elixir of life. And so far I absolutely don't regret the decision to have come here and I have discovered so much more than just the sea. Other than that, I'm a real 'Pferdemädchen' and I love to spend my days on the back of a horse. I also love to wander around with my dog, hang out with my friends and enjoy good homemade food with them and in normal times, I take great pleasure in having a drink at a bar or going out clubbing.

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