Perfect lockdown activity to take a break from the screen and plunge into nature

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It’s been over a year now since life as I knew it ended and something new started that we initially thought would be over after a couple of weeks. I feel like it’s really easy to stay in that mindset of waiting until the lockdown is over and planning all the fabulous journeys and day trips that we are all picture for ourselves once we are vaccinated.

A few weeks ago, I really had to once again remind myself that this was not the lockdown mindset I had chosen for myself but that I had instead promised myself to focus on the positive and the possible. So I put on some comfortable clothing, grabbed a picnic box, drinks, sunscreen and my boyfriend and hurried down to the Rostocker Flussbad with the plan of borrowing a canoe and spending the friendly day on the glinting waters of the Warnow. But before that, we had to overcome the guy at the canoe rental who – at 11 am – already had three beers open and wouldn’t stop making weird and somehow inappropriate jokes in his neon-colored Hawaiian shirt. But well, considering his presumptive alcohol level and the sun shining so eagerly, we couldn’t really have a grudge against him. And anyways, all that we wanted was his canoe and we got that!

A few minutes later, we were paddling diligently in the direction of Papendorf where you find a nice resting spot with picnic tables to fill up your energy storages and a landing stage to easily pull the canoe out of the water. I was already acquainted with this picnic area because I went on a similar tour with my girlfriends last year and I thus knew that it would be an enjoyable and – in terms of distance – manageable destination.  However, after one and a half hours of paddling and strenuous arm workout, we decided that we would take an early break on the water. We took off our sweaty shoes, dipped the feed in the water and opened a beer (not at 11am but probably a tad too early as well). After some refreshing sips, we let the sun heat up our faces and listened to the birds chirping and singing, delighted about the nascent spring. We observed a mute swan family who had apparently just like us decided to use the day for a little excursion, were persecuted by some ducks who showed a particular interest in our boat and squinted against the sun rays to detect gray herons and cormorants who were busy fishing and collecting nesting material. We finally decided to not move on to Papendorf and instead continue listening and observing the hustle and bustle of the different birds. We pulled our boat onto the embankment, had our semi-well-deserved picnic, and slowly returned home when we eventually noticed the sun going deeper.

Ultimately, this was a perfectly accomplished day for me, even though we never reached our designated destination. So, let me tell you something: Have a plan, but never be a slave to your plan!

Love, Svea

Duck hoping to get some food
Swan family
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Hey guys, I'm a 24 year-old girl and student for English and French at the university of Rostock. I'm originally from Lübeck but I moved here because I wanted to discover life in another city while still being close to the sea - my elixir of life. And so far I absolutely don't regret the decision to have come here and I have discovered so much more than just the sea. Other than that, I'm a real 'Pferdemädchen' and I love to spend my days on the back of a horse. I also love to wander around with my dog, hang out with my friends and enjoy good homemade food with them and in normal times, I take great pleasure in having a drink at a bar or going out clubbing.

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