Good tea and where to find it

Beginning my studies here in Rostock, I had lived in Dublin, the Irish capital for 6 months. I remember really well the insane number of rainy days, my alarming but still totally socially approved tendency to drink alcohol in the afternoon, heated discussions about which whiskey is the best, and a surprisingly wide range of potato dishes. I know, very stereotypical. But I promise that it is really like that! The best thing I took home from Ireland is my obsession with tea!

Tea is basically the solution for everything. For broken hearts as well as broken bones, a cold, a zombie-apocalypse, or the much more terrifying family gathering. You know what I mean! Albeit we all agree that coffee keeps us awake, tea basically keeps everything else ok. Not only metaphorically, but literally.

The different types of tea like green or black tea offer great, heathy ingredients. Like metabolism supporting bitter components or the super-hero- ingredient “polyphenols”, which are proven to be cancer-inhibiting and anti-inflammatory.

At this point you might wonder where you can get this miracle stuff in Rostock. I have three favourite places to shop for tea, and I´m quite happy to share my secret tea-knowledge with you!

The first place is called the “Tea House Rostock” and is directly located in the Rostocker Hof in the city centre. You can find the little shop on the first floor; you only have to follow the pleasant, fruity smell of tea! The shop offers over 200 different types. One of my personal favourites are a green one called “Himbeersommer” with rosemary, thyme and raspberries and a hibiscus flower tea. The wide range includes- next to basic sorts like pure green tea or Earl Grey- some quite unique kinds. For example, a bitter lemon lemonade tea with a fresh, summer-like taste or a hipster-approved pure matcha tea.

The next shop is the Teekontor Warnemünde. The shop also offers over 200 different types of tea, including some quite rare and exotic flavours. Courageous drinkers can try tonka bean tea which resembles almonds and vanilla in taste, whiskeys lovers can drink Cream of Ireland with a taste of whiskey and clotted cream, and traditionalistic tea drinkers can choose between a wide range of classical and iconic teas like “Ostfriesen Blatt” (a traditional strong black tea from East Frisia) and “Darjeeling”.

The last, but not least, shop is the Klostermanufaktur. Kloster means monastery or convent. The old Kloster was a convent and closed 1920. In addition to other products like herbal oils and chutneys, you will find a small, but delicate selection of tea. The Klostermanufaktur is something exceptional because of their Kloster-blends. These teas contain special blends of herbs not widely known. Have you heard of herbs like meadowsweet, speedwell, or mullein? I certainly hadn´t when I started shopping there. But pays off to try something beyond the regular tea choices as these impress with unusual, herbal and sometimes even grassy taste.

Each shop provides you with you high-quality, rare, delicious, and sometimes also surprising sorts of tea. It doesn´t matter if you prefer mild floral flavours or exotic, strong herbal aromas like I do. The shops are worth trying out.

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Before I moved to Rostock I lived 6 months in Dublin. It was great to enjoy the Irish way of living! Now I am a student at the University of Rostock. I am quite enthuasiastic about food, creative activities and books.

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