Breakfast at Café M’s

If you look for a great place to eat some nice, affordable breakfast in the Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt the Café M in the Elisabethstraße is a nice spot for tourists and locals. The café is not as central as other cafés in the city but if you take the time to do the little walk along the Ulmenstraße you will be surprised when you find the nice little café at the end of the street. This place has been a nice spot for me for a long time, after spending much time with my friends sitting there on the terrace with an iced coffee I started working there and it had been my workplace for almost 2 years. The owners of the café are a nice couple who own the café since 12 years now and who do their work with lots of love and passion.

What I like most about the café are the many little details, there are a lot of small decorations, paintings and flowers all over the place and it just feels like sitting in a huge living room. The smell of incense sticks and coffee sticks in your head. The café is not only coffee and cake but also a great breakfast with fresh baked rolls, fried eggs, homemade jam and other nice spreads. I can really recommend the tomato-butter and the cream-cheese with (a lot of) garlic. Combined with some dark bread roles, garnished with roasted sunflower seeds you have a great mediterranean breakfast. Or if you like it more sweet you can have some nice croissants and strawberry jam or fruit salad with yoghurt. Everything is made with love and an eye for the detail.

If you slept too long and missed the breakfast you can still eat some wraps, bagels, quiche or fried potatoes. Every Wednesday the owner Marc cooks a great mediterranean lunch, every Friday you can brunch until 1pm. The café has a big terrace where the sun hits all day long. If you stay longer you can join homemade cake and tart (I recommend the apple pie and if you ask the waitress if she could heat it up, its even better) with freshly brewed coffee.

The people working at Café M are really friendly, I got so many new friends while working there and the team really does its best to make your visit as nice as possible. Make sure you’re not missing any news and check out their instagram page!




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