Inline skating – Beginner tour from Lichtenhagen to the Lighthouse Warnemünde

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We all know a bit of sport is good for our health. But to be honest, I am definitely not the type for fitness studios or yoga. Instead, I discovered a perfect alternative: Inline skating!

Inline skating not only includes a healthy workout, but it is also a great opportunity to discover new paths and places and Rostock offers some great routes to try it out. Before you start this tour, don´t forget to have a backpack with some normal shoes and to put on some protectors for your knees and elbows (trust me, better safe than sorry).

One of my favourite routes starts directly behind the Mecklenburger Allee, the final stop tram lines 5 and 1. From this point a quiet, smooth asphalted street starts with an even sidewalk as well, perfect conditions to enjoy inline skating! The street lies between wide fields and small detached houses. It offers great spots to photograph golden fields in summer or just to enjoy the view. You can even stop and shop for some organic vegetables and flowers on your way at a small farm shop.

When you reach the end of the street, you will already be in Warnemünde. Just turn right and follow the street. Again, the route here offers great conditions. A wide sidewalk leads nearer and nearer towards the town centre and provides regular possibilities to take a little break. You could stop for example directly at the first crossing to the beach and have a nice ice cream or a fish sandwich at a snack stall near the old youth hostel.

If you follow the way up to the bus station “Stoltera Haus”, from that point you can skate on the beach promenade and feel the brisk breeze of the Baltic Sea. You can enjoy the sound of breaking waves and have the possibility to stop your skating tour to take a little sunbath directly at the beach. I, personally, really do enjoy the picturesque, nearly paradisaic view while breathing in the salty air!

The tour ends at the lighthouse near the centre of Warnemünde. I use the chance to reward myself with a cocktail at the beach bar or with a lovely piece of cake. It´s been earned!

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