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Cinemas are great, right? Everyone loves a good movie once in a while. However, a trip to the cinema is often extremely expensive. Around 10€ for each ticket, no discounts for university students or people under 21. Basically nothing to save some money if you are at least 12 years old. In addition, mostly Hollywood movies, German movies and sometimes big movies from other countries are shown. What about all those works of art from smaller producers, movies with less than 3 million euros of budget? Independent movies?

A few years ago, when I moved to Rostock, my friends quickly introduced me to the LiWu – Lichtspieltheater Wundervoll. At first I was a little bit disappointed because in both of the cinemas, the Frieda 23 and the Metropol, no popcorn is sold! However, considering how often I now go there, I am saving a lot of money by not buying popcorn every time. Ice cream, coke, lemonade or chocolate can still be bought if you do not want to forgo the snack to your movie. A ticket costs around 5 to 8€, depending on your age and if you are a student, an apprentice or a pensioner. I have already seen so many great movies away from the typical Hollywood movies but a lot more artistical and extraordinary. All movies are – aside from their German synconization – usually also shown in their original language with German or English subtitles. This is a great way to get across the original feelings and intentions the characters have. Another important point is that most movies are shown in the evening or even almost at night time – sometimes starting around 10 pm. Each week the new program can be viewed on their homepage. Since the LiWu is part of the “Europa Cinemas“ they do not work profit oriented in the way that most of the big cinemas we all know do.

Even though I did not even know about this cinema before I moved to Rostock, I now cannot imagine having to go to a different cinema regularly. Once you start going there you will fall in love with it!

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